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PODcast: A long time coming for this one

Get off the schneid

Minnesota Vikings v Detroit Lions Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images

There’s plenty to be said about what the best way to approach a bombed-out season in professional sports, especially one that rewards failure with draft capital and positioning. In this generation alone we’ve been engulfed by the term “tanking,” and everyone wants to play for position, or at the very least maximize return on pain.

Sometimes, though, it just feels good to get off the schneid. For players and coaches, getting that one victory—the proof of concept, the plan can pull off eventually and maybe pay dividends in the future—sometimes outweighs whatever we think of as fans.

Either way, the Detroit Lions have their first win in just shy of a calendar year—364 days—and we’ve got the Pride Of Detroit PODcast to break it all down for you. We’re celebrating, deliberating, and chopping up the first win of the season.

Even in victory, there’s plenty to eyeball here. Is this sort of performance from Jared Goff portable? How did the Lions catch the Vikings in their weakest spots? What was up with the fourth down playcalling? And yes, yes of course, what does this mean for the all-important draft position?

As a personal note, this win couldn’t have come at a better time for us on the PODcast and Pride Of Detroit live content crew. We just recently wrapped up a massive Movember charity drive raising over $20,000 for two great charities, and if that wasn’t enough it has warmed my black heart with everyone sending in pictures of the Pride Of Detroit PODcast on their Spotify Wrapped breakdowns. Thank you all.

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