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VIDEO: Detroit Lions, Josh Reynolds mic’d up in dramatic win over Vikings

Nothing like a mic’d up segment for a Detroit Lions victory.

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Detroit Lions Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

It may be Thursday, but we’re still all smiles from the Detroit Lions’ last-second victory over the Minnesota Vikings. I’ve already seen some terrible takes across the internet suggesting that it’s “embarrassing” how Lions fans, players and owners are celebrating their first win of the season, and I’m here to tell you that those people are horrible haters of joy. For all the work that these players and coaches put in, and all of the disappointment and frustration we’ve been through, we’re allowed to party a little bit—and just about any sane person would do the same.

Anyway, you may remember that the Lions have a mic’d up player for every single game, and release the video and audio in the middle of the week. You may also remember that these videos are much more fun to watch after a win—especially with a dramatic walk-off victory.

This week, Lions new receiver Josh Reynolds was mic’d up, and he definitely brought some energy and excitement with him. Additionally, the Lions-created video features some extra scenes from the locker room after the game, and some neat sideline moments.

Check it out:

Detroit did a great job devoting nearly half of the video to the final drive and the celebration afterwards. And, man, I’ll tell you, that last drive is so much better with some dramatic music in the background and Dan Miller’s increasingly excited voice narrating the action.

It’s also just fascinating to see Reynolds—who I will remind you came from a Tennessee Titans team firmly in the playoffs—get so hyped to help get a win for his new team, albeit their first win in a rough season. Plus there’s an ecstatic Alim McNeill just screaming, “FIRST ONE, BABY!”

And you thought Dan Campbell could get intense at times, look at fricken Brad Holmes go off:

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