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Ask POD: Are the Lions taking the right offseason approach?

During our live Q&A, one fan believed the Lions were putting too many resources into 2021 and not enough in the future. Is that fair?

Via the Detroit Lions

The first week of free agency is pretty much in the books, and on Saturday morning we congregated with Detroit Lions fans to break it all down. Using the Locker Room app, myself, Ryan Mathews, and Erik Schlitt hosted a live Q&A session for about an hour. Topics ranged from what the Lions will do at wide receiver going forward to our favorite Matthew Stafford memories.

And while most Lions fans seem to be pretty happy with the modest approach the Lions are taking with free agency, one fan was not particularly pleased with some of the moves they made. They argued the Lions were making too many moves to be decent in 2021, and therefore hurting their chances of being better in the future. Instead of spending money on young, budding players that could be part of the future (ie: John Johnson), they’re dishing out one-year contracts to veterans or trading for a 30-year-old defensive tackle.

So it begs the question: are the Lions trying too hard to be good right now? Are they not putting enough free agency resources in the future? Our panel responds to that criticism while trying to figure out the exact blueprint the Lions are following for not only this year but the next few years.

We talk about that and a lot more on hour-long Locker Room session, which you can listen to below.

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