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Notes: Lions team president Rod Wood has started to consider uniform changes

Could new uniforms be coming in 2022?

New Detroit Lions uniforms photo gallery

It’s been four years since the Detroit Lions unveiled their current uniforms. Whether it be the all-blue, all-silver, or the white jersey blue pant combination, they’ve been met with mostly positive reviews. There are some fair criticisms—those dang numbers are hard to read on the home uniforms—but most people seem to like it.

That being said, the Detroit Lions will soon be eligible to make some changes to their uniforms. Current NFL rules allow teams to make changes every five years. So if the Lions were thinking about making some changes, now would be the time to start making those plans for an unveiling next year.

Lions team president Rod Wood said he has started thinking about that opportunity, but it’s still in the very early preliminary stages.

“I haven’t really gone into the design phase yet, but that’s certainly something that, once the window is up, we’ll probably take a step back and look at the current roster that we have, any changes we want to make, do we continue with the color rush, etcetera,” Wood said on Wednesday. “It’s on my mind, but nothing official.”

Again, the Lions wouldn’t be able to make any official changes until 2022. They don’t have to make any changes at all, but it appears it’s something they’ll seriously consider over the next year.

  • With the 17th game now official for the 2021 NFL seasons, some players are getting an game check based on their previously-signed contracts. Notably, Lions quarterback Jared Goff will be getting the largest bonus of any other player in the league:

  • Alex “Simba” Anzalone: