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Dan Campbell feels ‘pretty good’ about Lions QB situation, but leaving options open

Dan Campbell talked about Jared Goff on Thursday... without actually talking about Jared goff.


Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell is still forbidden by NFL rules to discuss the Matthew Stafford trade, and therefore, give direct thoughts about the team’s quarterback situation, including Jared Goff, who is expected to be the starter in 2021 and maybe beyond.

However, as Campbell does the media rounds this week, he’s found more and more creative ways to speak on Goff and the team’s future at the quarterback position. Joining the Dan Patrick Show on Thursday morning, Campbell was asked what sort of traits he’s looking for in a quarterback.

“I would say that you’d love the guy to be blonde. You’d love the guy to have a one and a six on his jersey,” Campbell joked, obviously referring to Goff without saying him by name.

However, Campbell then went into real detail, indirectly speaking about the traits he likes in Goff.

“You’re looking for a guy who is a winner,” Campbell said. “You’re looking for a guy who—he’s competitive, he’s got a quiet confidence about him. He’s durable. I kinda said this yesterday talking to somebody else, but just somebody that you know when he’s in the huddle and the other 10 guys are looking at him, they really believe in this guy. You can look at him and know he’s got a sense of urgency about him, he does have confidence about him, and he can kinda calm the storm. He can keep everybody kind of right in line.”

The Goff trade will become official when the new league year turns over on Wednesday, March 17. But in the meantime, many are wondering if the Lions will consider adding a quarterback with their seventh overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. Earlier in the week, Lions general manager Brad Holmes said he liked this year’s quarterback class and that it’s “smart drafting business” to do all your research on the top quarterback prospects in the draft when you have a top-10 pick.

When asked by Patrick to elaborate if the Lions are currently set at the quarterback position right now, Campbell took a long pause before giving a non-committal answer.

“That’s a good question. I would say all options are open would be the best way to say that,” Campbell said. “I think that we feel pretty good with where we’re going right now, but yet we’re open to everything right now.”

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