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Sunday open thread: Do you approve of the Lions restructuring Jamie Collins’ contract?

Brad Holmes is starting to free up some cap space this year. Are you on board?

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We’re in offseason mode, and general manager Brad Holmes is starting to free up some cap space for the team. After reports of the Lions planning to release cornerback Desmond Trufant, it appears that they also plan to free some immediate cap space by restructuring linebacker Jamie Collins’ contract.

Though the full details are not out yet, the Lions could save around $5-6 million this year, but since it is not an extension, they would essentially just be kicking the can down the road and paying that money over the next few years instead.

It makes sense that Holmes would want to free up some money considering how much work needs to be done to completely overhaul this team, but it also raises some concerns about having that dead money lying around over the next few years.

That leads us to today’s Question of the Day...

Do you approve of the Lions’ restructuring Jamie Collins’ contract?

My answer: Yes.

Though they would be dealing with a little bit of dead money through the next few years, they can split that money up year-to-year, rather than paying the full amount at the end of the contract. That should give the team some flexibility with using their money going forward.

We’ve heard it from the man himself. Holmes is a paranoid man and is constantly thinking of succession plans.

“Everything is about succession plans,” he said. “That’s just how I’m permanently wired. That’s how I view personnel. That’s how I view football. That’s how I view my own personal life.

“I just think making sure you’re aware of all possible angles and all possible outcomes that could happen, I think is very, very critical. I’ll admit I’m a nerd about predictive science and forecasting and I am because I think that’s our job. Our job is to predict the future and I’m also a little bit of a nerd about the psychology of the process.”

This is a mentality that we’re not really used to hearing from the Lions’ brass, and at this point, I guess I’ll just have to trust in Holmes. What else can you really do?

Your turn.


Do you approve of the Lions restructuring Collins’ contract?

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