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Breaking down 3 realistic first-round scenarios for the Detroit Lions

Stay put? Trade down? Trade waaaaaaaaaaaay down?

Jeff Nguyen (Detroit Lions)

The Detroit Lions have the seventh overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. I know, breaking news. We’ve already discussed just about every option the Lions have with the seventh pick, who’s likely to be there, and our personal favorite fits for the Lions.

But that’s only one of many possible scenarios for the Lions on draft day. They could shock us all and trade up, or they could trade down. But not every trade is the same. The Lions could slide just a couple spots and pick up a Day 2 pick. They could also trade down to the Patriots at 15 and potentially add a first or second-round pick. Or they could go full GIVE ME ALL THE PICKS and trade down into the 20s and add several top 100 picks along the way.

On this week’s PODcast, we discuss every possible angle of the Lions’ first day of the draft. If they trade down, who are the teams they could trade with? What kind of compensation would the Lions get in return? And, most importantly, who are the players the Lions could snag in the teens? In the 20s? Beyond?

We break it all down on the PODcast, which is conveniently embedded right here in this post. You’re one click away from draft hypothetical goodness.

Of course, you could also listen to the EXTENDED version on YouTube and Twitch. Want to see my green screen fall numerous times or hear us talk about the Broncos’ hilarious bad trade offer for Matthew Stafford? That’s only available on the video version of the podcast.

But for you audiophiles, catch the pod on any of the following platforms: Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher or iHeartRadio.

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