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Ranking positional need for the Detroit Lions in Day 2, 3 of the NFL Draft

Exploring all options for the Lions at key needs.

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While the NFL Draft is certainly a lot of best player available, it’s also quite true that there is a specific list of needs for the Lions in order to patch up and tighten the roster. With starting caliber players to be found on Days 1 and 2 of the 2021 NFL Draft, questions about needs are still properly valid, and properly adequate.

Yes; the Lions need plenty of positions, and thus it’s always safe to say that whoever is best on their board, they should take; but naturally fans might desire to see the linebacker position shored up, or perhaps the question of if you’d rather add a receiver or an offensive tackle; maybe the team shouldn’t spend its limited draft capital on an interior defensive tackle when a safety would be a much better improvement to the roster.

We tackle this question on the latest Pride Of Detroit PODcast. We’re going over some names we haven’t discussed before as we expand our horizons out to the second day of the draft and decide which positions are at a premium in this draft for the Lions, and whose name could be called for each group. We also ask if a given position should be filled only with a top first round talent, or if you’re happy taking such taken on Day 2.

With the draft just a week away, we’re racketing up our multimedia content for Pride Of Detroit. Our draft night livestream on Twitch and YouTube is our biggest one of the year, and that also means a big time for PODcast. Be sure to join our growing community on those platforms and follow POD there!

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