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NFL Draftageddon 2021: We’re all dead by Sunday

Two mock drafts and so much more loaded into our final preview podcast.

2020 NFL Draft - Round 1 Photo by NFL via Getty Images

This time of year has made everyone insane. We’ve passed the 90 percent mark on the joint and hit that last ten percent where everything has gone psychotic; maddening, wretched things, HP Lovecraft himself screeching about the vortex of science and madness that causes the human race to retreat to comforting ignorance.

Nobody is right, nobody will be right. We have gnashed the teeth, thrown the bodies into the sea, and we’ve thought too much about these damned picks. Mercifully, only two days remain.

That’s just enough time to consume the PODcast and our annual Draftageddon episode. We conducted two different mock drafts, executed analysis, consulted best case and worst case scenarios for the Detroit Lions, all the rest.

We’re on the road to our biggest live PODcast show of the year: draft night itself. If you haven’t, join our party on Twitch. We had a massive number of people join us last year to watch along with the first round, and it’s bound to be even bigger this year on both days 1 and 2. Put on the TV and put it on mute and listen/watch us. Everyone from POD will be on our livestream and there is no reason to miss any of it.

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