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Happy 15th birthday, Pride of Detroit

In internet years, this page is approximately 334 years old.

It was 15 years ago today that precocious high school sophomore named Sean Yuile decided to launch a Detroit Lions web blog named Pride of Detroit. For the next nine years, Sean would work tirelessly to build one of the best the best Detroit Lions community on the internet. Not only did Sean work through the busy college years of his life to provide daily, thorough content, but he did so mostly as a passion project.

The results speak for themselves. When Sean graciously handed the keys to the car to me six years ago, Pride of Detroit was the Detroit Lions blog and the place on the internet for Lions fans to hang out.

And in the past six years, we’ve only made more progress. We started a podcast and turned that into a YouTube and Twitch live streaming weekly event. We got our foot in the door with the Lions media department and kicked it in. We now do regular interviews with players, we made “Africa” a sensation, and we have no plans of stopping anytime soon.


So to those who have been around since the old logo days, and to those of you that are just discovering us now, thank you for being a part of the greatest online Lions community there is and ever was. Happy birthday to us. Happy birthday to you. And let’s go Lions!

Also, this happens to be the anniversary of this great moment in NFL history, and I think we should celebrate it, too.

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