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Thursday open thread: What is the best 2021 NFL rule change proposal?

Of the 11 proposals, which is your favorite?

NFL: JAN 03 Chargers at Chiefs Photo by Nick Tre. Smith/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

During last week’s owners meetings, 11 new rules were proposed via the competition committee and specific NFL teams. Proposals varied from expanding jersey numbers for certain positions, overtime rule changes, and the addition of an eighth official, the ever-popular “sky judge.”

If you want to know more of the rule proposals, all 11 are listed here, and the full details of each proposal are broken down here.

At this point, there’s no guarantee any of these rule changes are adopted. However, these will be voted on by owners in an upcoming meeting, and if 75 percent or more approve of the rule, it will be adopted immediately.

Our opinions, unfortunately, will not be taken into consideration, no matter how much I comment under the NFL’s Instagram account. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t give them unsolicited opinions on our own dang website.

So today’s Question of the Day is:

What is your favorite 2021 NFL rule change proposal?

My answer: Obviously, people are going to love the addition of the eighth official, who is off-field. Here are the specifics of that proposal:

Adds an eighth official who is positioned somewhere other than the playing field, with full communication to on-field officials and access to a television monitor.

I am certainly in favor of something like this, but I’m also not under the delusion that this is going to magically fix officiating. It’s still a fast-paced game, and most calls will still remain unchallengeable. Still, it will help a little, and every bit helps.

Also, big props to the Baltimore Ravens, who proposed the NFL simply get rid of overtime in the preseason. I think we can all get on board with that one.

But the most interesting rule proposal came from both the Ravens and Eagles. They sought to completely change how overtime works. Here’s how their proposal works: whoever wins the overtime coin toss chooses where the ball will be put into play (without a kickoff). The other team then decides whether they want to start on offense at the spot chose, or if they want to play defense from the spot chose. From there, it’s a straight-up sudden death overtime. First team to score wins.

I honestly don’t know what I feel about this overtime, but I’d love to see how it would play out. How would teams adjust? What field position would teams normally choose? I’m fully for trying out new things, and this would bring some more intrigue to an overtime system that I don’t particularly like right now.

Your turn.

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