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The biggest storylines to watch at Lions OTAs

Plus, breaking through coach speak on our latest podcast episode


On this week’s episode of the Pride Of Detroit PODcast, we’re happy to report that OTAs are here, and the Lions are showing up to practice. Summer is in the air as a voracious local media gets their first look at the new Lions squad and coaching staff, and hope springs eternal to renew and change.

But that’s not all. The crew is back together, and we’re breaking down those very strange Matt Campbell (the other Campbell) rumors, picking through what’s right and wrong, sifting through the pernicious “he’s our guy” mentality, with a little bit of tinfoil to spare.

With Jeremy back on the crew, we also play another game, “Coach Speak or Real Talk,” where we’re dissecting the latest from various Lions coaches. With the whole summer to hype up guys or talk about how some fringe piece is very valuable, we’ve got a buffet of quotes to buy into or call the bluff on.

Special thanks to @ChrisColeHR, friend of the PODcast, who answered the random call to create a Pride Of Detroit jingle. It came up during one of the chats between breaks while we were reminiscing on old TV jingles. It’s already haunting me.

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