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Notes: writer encourages fans to jump aboard Detroit Lions bandwagon

This writer is all-in on Dan Campbell, are you?

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Detroit Lions Off-Season Workout Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

I don’t think it’s a far reach to say most Detroit Lions fans are at the very least intrigued by new head coach Dan Campbell’s engaging personality.

Since introducing the phrase “biting kneecaps” into Lions lore, football fans worldwide have tuned in to what’s going here in Detroit. While some national media feel the need to take shots at Campbell’s fun demeanor — no fun allowed in Detroit!!! — others are getting on board.’s Adam Sheln offered nine NFL bandwagons fans should consider hopping on in 2021. Some are not that big of a stretch, including becoming a Tennessee Titans fan. With the recent addition of star receiver Julio Jones, there’s a lot to get excited about over there. Another predictable bandwagon he suggests joining is supporting Joe Burrow. The 2020 first overall pick bounced back from a heartbreaking, season-ending knee injury last November.

But coming in very last, at number nine, is the still unproven Dan Campbell himself. Though he’s making headlines here and there, he still has yet to coach the Detroit Lions in an NFL game.

“This is a future play. But I’m in. I love Campbell’s toughness and general approach. It’s contagious,” Sheln writes, echoing a very popular sentiment about the new coach.

Sheln compliments Campbell’s help in picking a strong coaching staff featuring Anthony Lynn, Duce Staley, and Aaron Glenn. The writer was particularly smitten by Campbell and Brand Holmes’ infamous reaction after getting their guy in the draft — Penei Sewell.

“Campbell and Holmes are culture-changers — and Sewell’s a culture-changing player,” he writes.

See what else Sheln has to say about Campbell and the Lions here.

Onto the rest of your notes.

  • Looks like Dan Campbell had a great time as the Grand Marshal of the Detroit Grand Prix this weekend: