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NFL sets series of strict restrictions for unvaccinated players

The NFL is heavily incentivizing vaccinations among players.

NFL: NFL Draft Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Along with some outlines for training camp, the NFL and Players Associated agreed upon a series of COVID-19 regulations that will offer very different protocols for vaccinated players vs. unvaccinated players.

For vaccinated players, things will be much looser than last year. They will only be tested every two weeks for the virus, while unvaccinated players will continue to be tested daily. But the biggest restrictions for the unvaccinated come once they’re in the team facility. Unvaccinated players will have to stay physically distant from players and coaches, cannot eat meals with teammates, cannot be in the weight room with more than 15 players, and won’t be able to use the steam and sauna room at all. Vaccinated players will have none of those restrictions.

When the team travels, the restrictions are even heavier. Unvaccinated players must travel separately from the team charter, they are not permitted to leave the team hotel to eat at restaurants, and cannot interact with anyone other than the team during travel (ie: friends and family). Again, vaccinated players will not have any of those restrictions.

Unvaccianted players will also be subject to fines if they attend large gatherings of people outside of the facility, including nightclubs, indoor concerts and bars, or house parties that are not taking proper precautions. Full details of that are available below:

As for the media, it appears fully-vaccinated reporters will have the opportunity to have face-to-face interviews again, including locker room access, provided that social distancing is maintained.

For more on all of the new COVID protocols for the NFL 2021 season, check out this Twitter thread from NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero.