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Jeff Okudah picks off Matthew Stafford in the new Madden 22 trailer


It was leaked this week that the new Madden 22 video game will feature both Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes on the cover. To go along with that announcement, EA released a trailer for the video game with actual gameplay.

It’s mostly just a hype machine with Tik Tok music blaring in the background, but there was a fun moment in there that Detroit Lions fans will enjoy. About halfway through the video, virtual Matthew Stafford appears in his new Los Angeles Rams jersey. He fires a ball to his right, but a man in Honolulu Blue steps in front of the pass. Jeff Okudah, in his new No. 23 jersey, picks off Stafford, and starts to take it the other way.

Even better, right after the interception, the words “EMOTION HAPPENS” jump on the screen as virtual Rams head coach Sean McVay slams his clipboard down in disgust.

Of course, there are some not-so-friendly moments in the trailer, too. Vikings running back Dalvin Cook breaks approximately 342 tackle attempts from Lions defenders, and the real-life highlight of Derrick Henry stiff-arming former Lions defensive back Alexander Myers brings back awful memories. However, it’s rare these hype videos ever include anything positive about the Lions, so the Okudah interception trumps all of the other stuff.

You can watch the full trailer below. And if you’re interested, the release date for Madden 22 is currently set for August 20.

(h/t to Chris Burke of The Athletic for finding the clip of Okudah)

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