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Ranking the NFL’s top 10 edge defenders, Calvin Johnson reactions

Who are the best edge defenders in the game today?

Chicago Bears v Green Bay Packers Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

With the increasing dependence on the passing game, the NFL is investing more and more in players designed to stop quarterbacks. Cornerbacks are the players that can do the most damage once the ball is in the air, but edge defenders can prevent the ball from even leaving the quarterback’s hands. It’s why edge defenders are among the highest-paid positions in the league right now.

So, on this week’s PODcast, we examine the top-10 players at the edge position. Our lists are filled with some of the biggest, terrorizing pass rushers in the league, but run defense is still important in our rankings. Sadly, there are a few players the Lions could have had on the list, but are there any that are currently on the Detroit Lions? Is Romeo Okwara approaching top-10 status? Can Trey Flowers put his name back in the conversation?

Before we even crack into the LISTCAST, myself, Ryan Mathews, and special guest Mike Payton talk about the news that Calvin Johnson approached the Lions about a trade right before he retired. The main topic at hand: Why were the Lions able to handle the Matthew Stafford trade request so gracefully, yet completely mess up the Calvin Johnson situation so poorly?

You can listen to our entire conversation below:

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