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Sunday open thread: What would your ideal alternate Lions helmet look like?

Will we see a return of Bubbles? Or perhaps no logo at all.

Detroit Lions Barry Sanders... SetNumber: X46997 TK2 R1 F16

The NFL announced on Thursday that teams will be able to wear two different helmets starting in 2022, with the alternate helmet required to match one of the team’s authorized optional uniforms. If the Detroit Lions choose to do this, they would have to inform the NFL by the end of next month.

The guidelines allow for some creativity including using a different logo on the helmet—paired with an alternate or color rush jersey and as long as the logo was used at some point in the team’s history—or potentially no logo at all, like back in the 50s.

Today’s Question of the Day is...

What is your ideal look for a Lions alternate helmet?

My answer: Maybe I’m a sucker for old school looks, but I think my favorite jersey combination is the Thanksgiving Lions uniform with the silver helmets and plain blue jerseys with silver lettering. Keeping that as an option for more games would be cool to me, but our own Mike Payton gave a nice suggestion requesting the old “bubbles” logo brought back with the blue and white stripes down the middle of the helmet, and I would be all for that as well.

Your turn.

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