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PHOTO: Dan Campbell wears racing helmet to presser after being named grand marshal to local race

Go speed racer, go.

On Thursday morning, the Detroit Grand Prix announced that Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell will be its Grand Marshal for the race on Saturday, June 12.

“This is a special honor to be named Grand Marshal of the Detroit Grand Prix and help kickoff the first big event of the summer in the Motor City,” Campbell said in a written statement. “Detroit is such a great sports city and whether it’s on the gridiron or on the track, we know our fans will be revved up in the Motor City. It’s awesome to welcome the Grand Prix back to Belle Isle and I’m excited to be a part of it.”

But apparently a written statement wasn’t enough for Campbell to express his full excitement for the opportunity. During his Thursday press conference prior to practice, Campbell stepped in front of cameras sporting a big racing helmet over his head.

“As you can see, I”m pretty excited about that,” Campbell said. “It gives me a chance to see our fans, who I know will be out there. But then, just watch a good race out there.”

It’s just another classic moment for Campbell, who hasn’t been afraid to show his personality off in his first months on the job. Who knows if it turns into wins or losses, but it sure is a lot more entertaining that the past three years managed to bring. And given what this fanbase has been through over the past... well decades, a little levity is welcome in Detroit.