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Notes: Jamaal Williams just fine with Aaron Rodgers sitting out for a while

Williams, a former Packer, lightheartedly weighs in on his old teammate’s situation.

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Courtesy Detroit Lions

In between all his positive comments and dad jokes, Detroit Lions running back Jamaal Williams weighed in on the Aaron Rodgers situation.

The former Packer was asked for his thoughts on the ongoing Rodgers-Packers saga.

“I love 12. I want him to do whatever makes him happy in life, and that’s just coming from a life — a life and friends standpoint and perspective. I just want him to be happy, you know, live his life and do what he needs to do,”

Then he donned a smirk and rubbed his hands together: “But for the Lions...”

“For my team and everything, go ahead and stay out for a minute. Let us go ahead and get loose,” he said, laughing. “Make it easier for us.”

Williams reiterated that he just wants the best for his former teammate and friend. He added that the two haven’t spoken recently.

“I’m focused on this Detroit Lions baby, I ain’t doing nothing else. I’m worried about getting us right,” he said.

Onto the rest of your notes.

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