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Wednesday open thread: How can the NFL fix overtime?

We continue the conversation from this week’s PODcast.

Super Bowl LI: New England Patriots Vs. Atlanta Falcons At NRG Stadium Photo by Jim Davis/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

This week’s PODcast touched on a variety of sports, most notably the ending of the soccer match between Italy and England this week. That led to a conversation about NFL overtimes, and whether or not they’re fair. There wasn’t a conclusive answer to how to fix the NFL’s overtime, with a lot of ideas thrown around.

Question of the day: How can the NFL fix overtime?

My answer: I don’t have a straight answer, but I’m certain it’s broken.

As pointed out on the PODcast, any time a team doesn’t touch the ball (i.e. the Atlanta Falcons in overtime of Super Bowl 50), that’s an injustice to the game. The objective, at the end of the day, is for the better team to win, and as it stands right now, that doesn’t always happen.

Usually I’m supposed to pitch an idea here, but I really don’t know where the NFL starts to make overtime fair without risking it turning into college football where games can go to six or seven overtimes. So, let’s hear your ideas.