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Friday open thread: Will Aaron Rodgers play for the Packers in 2021?

The clock is ticking.

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Detroit Lions Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

The question is simple, but the situation is growingly more complex. Jeopardy! replacement host Aaron Rodgers has yet to commit to the Green Bay Packers this season, though conversations do seem to be trending in that direction. Still, there is the possibility he opts out this year, and a trade could always happen as well.

The question is not if you would want Rodgers to play for the Packers or not. Unless Green Bay secures an absolutely massive return for him in a trade, 99.99 percent of Lions fans would be happy to see the future Hall of Famer never play in the NFC North again. Maybe that dream will finally become a reality, though.

Today’s Question of the Day is:

Will Aaron Rodgers play for the Packers in 2021?

My answer: Emotionally, I just cannot expect this to happen. Too many times as Detroit Lions fans we get our hopes up, only for them to be crushed. Even if Detroit is not exactly competing for the division title this season, it never feels good to have to face a Rodgers-led Packers team twice a year.

Realistically, I also do not see a world where he does not suit up Week 1 for Green Bay. While players have been getting more power in recent years and forcing trades more often — and there have been some high-profile opts outs as well — it does not seem like a smart move for Rodgers at this stage in his career. Sorry, Lions fans.

Your turn.


Will Aaron Rodgers play for the Packers in 2021?

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