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What factors could derail the Detroit Lions’ future growth?

Let’s investigate the franchise outlook past the 2021 season for the Detroit Lions

Detroit Lions Off-Season Workout Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

Training camp is within smell range, which means our long harrowed offseason is nearly at an end. It also means the PODcast is about ready to shed its languid, long-reaching sights and prepare to dive in to the impending season. But before we do, there’s still time to talk about the future, and to talk about quarterbacks.

This week, we’re spurred on by recent future power rankings from ESPN+ to discuss the future of the Detroit Lions. We’re quite aware that there’s a trope going around that this season’s stakes are quite low (although any NFL season should be taken with a pinch of chaos), but the Lions are setting up for the future. We have several concerns as that unfolds, and we discuss these on the podcast.

But that’s not all. It’s time to put to bed our final LISTCAST of the offseason. We’re breaking down who we think the top 10 quarterbacks will be in the 2021 NFL season. Unfortunately, since we’re talking about quarterbacks this means a whole lot of skub, confusion, fear, uncertainty, doubt, hot takes and yelling. That’s quite entertaining actually.

It’s the final LISTCAST, and next week we’re starting to sharpen our knives for the training camp preview. If you haven’t subscribed now, if you aren’t joining us live on Twitch, you’re missing out on the best Lions empire on the internet.

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