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Detroit Lions mailbag: How much Xs and Os acumen does Dan Campbell bring to the table?

Will it be his job to draw up any schematics or is he simply the charismatic leader?

Detroit Lions Off-Season Workout Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

Dan Campbell already has a knack for creating headlines simply with his words. Whether he’s conjuring knee biting, joking about a pet lion on the sideline, wearing racing helmets during press conferences, or telling players he will not participate in their personal hygiene, little of it has to do with actual football.

Which begs the question: How much will Dan Campbell be involved in the actual football game planning? We know he has built an impressive-looking staff on both sides of the ball, and it appears from minicamp that he is delegating most of the hands-on duties to his coordinators and positional coaches. So does that simply make Dan Campbell the spiritual and emotional leader of the team? How much will he have his hands on the schematic and strategic part of the game? Or is his main responsibility simply to instill and uphold a new culture in Detroit.

That’s the first question we tackle on our latest, jam-packed mailbag podcast, recorded live on the Spotify Greenroom app. Other topics include, best training camp tips for fans, Aaron Rodgers scenarios, which coaches and coordinators have the most potential for promotions, and are the Detroit Lions done with free agency?

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