This mess is bigger than the last mess...

Uh wow. That was all I could way watching the Lions "play football", which is a term I am using lightly.

I have posted before my rants and raves, and proof of why I think as I do about this football team and it's cast of coaches. Today I am going to let someone else speak for me. Specifically, this very website :

" The Detroit Lions had their second preseason game against the Steelers in Pittsburgh Saturday night and. boy, was it ugly. The Lions showed that they have a long way to go in most areas"

Sums it up, nice, neat and tidy. No reason for me to waste another half hour of my life posting about this mess of a football team and it's idiot coaches.

In musical terms, The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are the Beatles and the Detroit Lions are a garage band of drunk idiots trying to pick out a chord or 2. To continue the musical theme, way back in the 70's there was a song called "Disco duck" by Rick Dees and his cast of idiots. I am now making this the official song of the Lions. "Disco lions" by Dan Campbell and his cast of idiots.

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