Another opinion of the latest disaster

As stated in my earlier post, I am letting other people speak for me today :

Detroit Lions look atrocious for most of their preseason loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers

I ask you one question--how often do you ever see a article written by a hometown paper calling their own team "ATROCIOUS" ???? I mean, how bad does your team have to be for the local paper to use this kind of language??Local media are usually sunshine pumping 100% behind the local team no matter what is going on. But not today and not with these Lions. So, for the posters who I am sure disagree with me and believe Dan Campbell -Vince Lombardi and the lions are setting up a trophy room for their expected SB wins....maybe I am not totally off base?

Anyway, until the next disaster Lions fans...continue to post about how great Penei Sewell is and how we are headed in the right direction and such and such a guy is a lock for the pro bowl.......and make sure to listen to disco lions by Dan Campbell and his cast of idiots!

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