Third disaster in the books

Well playtime is over...preseason done. Dandy Dan and his band if idiots coach us to an 0-3 record. Better get used to seeing that.

Nothing new to say here. Terrible defense, pathetic popgun offense of short passes and runs for 2 yards into 8 man fronts. Fell asleep watching the so called "offense" inch worm it's way down the field against the Colts 4 yards at a time. And when it got to the 4th quarter and the Colts decided to start playing, they blew the Lions off the field.

The final results for Dasterdly Dan and his run first offense with (per this website) the #1 ranked Offensive line in the NFL?

Jemar Jefferson 3.9 ypc

Godwin Igwebuike 3.6 ypc

I would not quite call them Franco Harris and Rocky Bleier quite yet. And what about Penei Sewell? The greatest O line man who ever lived, the man who is going to lead us to 7 straight super bowls? (per the Detroit media) ?

For the second consecutive week, rookie Penei Sewell

was the Detroit Lions lowest graded offensive player, per


The No. 7 overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft finished his first preseason as the Lions' third-worst offensive player, with only linemen Matt Nelson and Darrin Paulo finishing higher.

Will we be seeing the word "BUST" being applied soon not only to Okudah but also Sewell? We''ll See. they are both young players. Hopefully Dapper Dan has some magic he has not showing. Maybe he and his cast of idiots have been holding the good stuff back so as not to tip their hand to the competition. We can only hope. Because if this shite show is the best the Lions can do, we are in for a lot of trouble. Have a good season, have fun posting about what a genius Dan Campbell is and how Penei Sewell is headed to CAnton and how Goff is "not that bad" and all the stuff I have been reading on here. Hopefully you are right.

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