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The Lions offense is lagging early in training camp

Let’s dive into a busy start to the Lions preseason activities.

Detroit Lions Training Camp Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

The Hall of Fame game marks the demarcation of non-football and football, and on the borderlands comes the strange marches of training camp. We are once more Almost Back to Football, and this could be the most important preseason in a long while for the Detroit Lions, a team desperately seeking to sift through the talent they have and discover who can continue to play for the new regime.

With the start of August, we are using the Pride Of Detroit PODcast to deliver the State of the Pride: with that demarcation of football/not-football, it’s a great time to recap the goals of the Lions during the offseason, and what goals they now set for themselves for the preseason.

Plus, we’re emptying out the notebooks from early training camp. Of particular note, we’re examining the energy and new culture being built by Dan Campbell that’s been on full display; plus, the early struggles of the offense and open questions as to what this could all look like as we head towards padded practices this week. Finally, more superlatives, reader questions and inquiries into observations to find out more about the action from Allen Park over the weekend.

With the preseason looming, Lions football is upon us, which means that the PODcast is gearing up to full capacity. We’ve added a new podcast to our offerings. Ryan Mathews and myself have begun “One Leg at a Time” with a unique focus on gambling on the NFL season. That episode, and our latest PODcast on training camp, are now available on all feeds.

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