My View Right Now

Not that anyone should care, but I feel like writing today, so here my attempt at a realistic view of the 2021 Lions. But before I get into the team, my current dilemma. Right now I personally know 5 people with the virus, 2 in Florida and 3 in Toledo. In my work, almost everyone I see is a senior citizen. I have been very careful in my daily life, I got vaccinated as soon as I was eligible, my health is good. But I really worry about infecting others unknowingly, and I am not very confident in going into a football crowd. I have gone to 2 concerts this year, but that was before the recent resurgence. Do others feel safe at a large football game like this? I am torn, I really want to go to opening day. Right now, I am leaning towards going, keeping an open seat next to me, and wearing a mask. But I could see changing my mind. Do others think the NFL is doing enough to keep fans safe? I think they could do more. I would be 100% for only allowing in vaccinated fans.

The team isn’t very talented, we all know that except for the real heavy koolaid drinkers. But there are a few things to grow on. But I cannot look at things how I wish they were, I just see what I think is the truth. The truth is, this team needs more players. First, the offense.

most fans seem to forget that we have lost the last 9 games the Stafford hasn’t started. I know people will throw some meaningless stats at me, but Goff is not very good. The Rams are elated that he isn’t on their team, even more than Bears fans are happy to be rid of Trubisky. BTW, Trubisky is miles better than Goff, but that is a different argument. I feel it is an obvious fact that our QB group is the worst in the league. This is a problem. I will always say we made a mistake passing on 2 franchise QBs when they fell to us last draft. That is rare to have happen. Lions fans who defend Goff almost always finish it with, we only need him for 2 years, then we can get a better guy. Does anyone real feel he will be our starter in 2024? No way. We I’ll cut him as soon as his contact allows it. And our backups are brutal.

Quinn tried to concentrate on the oline, did a below average job at it, but it is the one group where he may have left. Us some starters. But we are overrating this group. One, we have no depth, which is going to haunt us all year, even in our first game. Second, we are vastly overrating our guards. Vatai will be gone next year, because he isn’t very good. And fans just assume the Jackson will be great, yet he was rated around the mid 60’s on PFF last year. He has to improve to get to nfl average. He could, but he isn’t there yet. We do have 3 solid starters when healthy, 2 average guards, and no one else. This is not a top 5 unit, it will need another couple guys to get to that level. You don’t get great lines that are only 5 deep.

Our skill position players are not good enough. Doesn’t mean they are all terrible, they’re not. But our highest regarded WR was a 4th round pick, and most of them have been cut in their past. Could someone develop? Some, but no one is going to develop to the point of being great. St Brown could get to be decent someday, but he has 4th round talent. I expect the philosophy of Holmes is basically meat before potatoes. Big guys first, then work on the skill spots. I can agree with this, it just makes this team weak. An injury to Hock or Swift will devastate this offense.

We are going to run a very boring offense, dump offs and runs. This team is gonna see 8 man boxes to take away the run, gonna see Hock get doubled a lot, teams will force the lions to o-en up, and that will be tough for them, especially with Decker out. I think we are going to make a couple defenses look pretty good.

on defense, our line seems improved on paper. But we are overrating the effectiveness of rookie DT’s. Look at recent rookies, stud DTs, who were first round picks. All struggled, all. The nfl guards are incredibly strong people, and older and bigger and more powerful than 22 year old kids. DT is very to tough to play a lot as a rookie. Penisini was nearly the lowest rated DT in the league last year, and we universally praise him on this site. Our line will get better over time, but teams will be able to run on us still. I like our DEs, I think that is the strength of our defense, and it needs to be. We need then healthy. At LB, Barnes has everyone excited and they should be. He will be starting soon enough, and he looks like a great draft pick. I will judge Analazone after a few games, he was decent for NO.

Our DB’s don’t seem improved to me, and we were league worst last year. Young, athletic, but gonna be learning on the fly and will get torched a lot. I like where they seem to be headed, but we need another draft or 2 to finish this group up. Right now, this group is at best bottom 5 in the league. But all are young and athletic, we just can’t be calling for heads to roll because guys get beat. They will get beat a lot.

I expect next years draft to be more skill guys on offense and speed guys on defense. Went big this year, let them learn, add athletes next year. I just hope that we don’t have to trade a bunch of picks to get our new QB.

I predict a record of about 4-13. I am really pessimistic about our first 5 games, it’s a bullshit schedule. Playing all 3 division opponents on the road in the first 5 games is ridiculous, at least 1 of those games should’ve been scheduled at Ford field. I see us 0-5 to start the year, and I think that 2 wins in the first 5 games would be a huge success. I see a little bit of success in the second half on the year, if success is going 4-8 in our last 12. I want to see a way to a good year, but we are a lot like the Dolphins of 2 years ago. They started horrible, but improved and were competitive in the second half on the year, and now look like an up,and comer. This is the path I hope the Lions are on. And I really hope we find a talented QB for next year.

A couple predictions- I’ve said this before, but Boyle is gonna start games for this team this year. He will out play Goff when he gets his chance.

urban Meyer will have the Jags as a really good team by next season.

Campbell will get a contract extension before his contract runs out from us, he will become very popular by 2023.

The 49ers are a horrible matchup for us right now, I worry about a rout. They are way better than us.

the Ravens are also a bad matchup for us early on, that’s our first 2 home games.

Will the Lions be favored in any game this year? Maybe not.

And I am rooting for the Texans every week. That’s who we are competing with for our next QB.

‘Stafford will star for the Rams. Might get 50 TDs this year. But that is a great division.

Next season, no team in our division will start the same Qb that they are starting this year in the opener. You’ll have Fields in Chicago, Mond in Minn, Love in Chicago, and maybe Rattler in Detroit

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