The Lions D-Line is still bad, really BAD

PFF Scores (70 and above is starter, 60s are backup grades and everything below that is "replaceable":

Michael Brockers 44.1 IMHO - It's PAST time to get concerned about his injury(ies).

Nick Williams 55.9 Similar to last year of 62.7. Hope for Levi to get on the field.

Alim McNeil 51.9 Far short of expectations

John Penisini 64.0 Back-up, adequate

Kevin Strong 61.1 Back-up, adequate

I guess the hope is that they limp along through game four and Cornell and Hand infuse some improvement into the group.

Trey Flowers 89.9 Underappreciated

R Okwara 57.1 Looked so good last year

Bryant 59.1 Close to back-up - yay

Harris 29.6 Did they really keep J Okwara inactive to have Harris active!?!


Anzalone 28.6 No comment

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