The View of Lions-49ers from Section 329

I know that this is pretty late, and the game has been rehashed to death, but I thought I would just make a few points about Sunday’s game. First of all, I went. Detroit was hopping that morning, as the Tigers and Lions were both playing, and if you’re not familiar, the stadiums are right next to each other. Saw some Tigers warming up as I walked to Ford Field. The crowd was into it, but was much smaller than I expected. I’d say about 2/3 full. Some people wore masks, about 5-10% I’d say, I did not. I will next time though. I felt uncomfortable at times.

A lot is being made about our comeback. It was nice to see, but it was the miners having stopped playing. They really went into prevent mode, and I think it helped us out. But the Lions kept going, have to like it. But I wouldn’t overrate it. The first 55 minutes were brutal. Lions were dominated. Frustrating, but I think the defense will keep improving some. Gonna have real issues covering people.

For those of you saying Goff will settle in or improve, I disagree, this was typical Goff. Constantly throwing to the shortest man in the pattern, checking down. Can’t throw certain passes, especially sideline go routes. Throws them all out of bounds. Then he will make a couple boneheaded plays each game. Get used to this kind of play from him. Personally, I can’t stand watching it.

The run game was nice to see. I think the real improvement was in scheme, not so much line play. We ran some real nice plays in the run game, and I think this has been lacking for a decade. Actually designing plays in the run game instead of just saying everyone drive forward and running the back straight into 8 guys. Hopefully, as teams see what we are doing now, we can devise plays off of our plays and keep it flowing. For this team to win, they must run the ball and not turnover the ball. Hard to do when your opponent scores on every possession though.

Gotta love the enthusiasm that Jamaal Williams plays with. He seems to always be like that.

‘The things I had read about Anzalone was that he was weak against the run, more of a pass defender at LB, which we need. But he was awful all game. Can’t play him if he is gonna be that bad. It’s Barnes time already.

It was really disheartening to watch Deebo Samuel get wide open every play. We couldn’t come close to covering him, in any defense. Really good receivers are gonna kill us. Almost have to play all zone all year against most teams.

Hockensen was uncoverable one on one, but they were doubling him some already. He better get used to that. Bensen is gonna get a lot of PT at WR. Raymond is a situational guy, and I think the eventual top 3 will be St Brown, Bensen, and Cephus. I’m not impressed with any of the others yet.

I hope we see more pass rush vs GB. We had very little in this game, but they were playing the run a lot.

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