A comparison

After the disaster in GReen bay, I think at least some of you are catching on to what I have been posting for weeks, which is that this team has little-no talent and is led by a poor coaching staff. Not a recipe for success.

Everyone is posting states and PFF numebers and all that. I am not even going to bother. The Lions obviously don't pass the simple eye ball test. They are not a good team. Let me give you a comparison :

IN the late 80's the Detroit Red wings were coached by Jacques Demers. He had the same philosophy as Dandy Dan Campbell. I.e. --get a bunch of over achievers who play above their head and "give 115%" and play through the whistle, etc. And thaet worked a little. He won some games. Until the playoffs came around and they ran into Wayne Gretzky and the Oilers and they lost. Because no matter how many knee caps you bite off, now matter how high your motor is, you are not going to beat someone who has more talent than you. The Red Wings finally accepted this idea and started signing talented players like Sergei Federov, Igor Larionov and later Brett Hull and Brendan Shanahan. And move the Harold Snepts and Mel Bridgman players out the door.

Right now the Lions are losing because they have no Talent. One of the announcers said something VERY important during the Green Bay game. He said "detroit has alot of draft capitol available and can build a good team IF THEY DO IT RIGHT. " Meaning, IF the Lions use their draft stock to draft talented players they will eventually be good. BUT, if they use their choilces picking "high energy" guys who have a "non stop motor " but maybe not so much talent, they won't ever be good. (you know, the kind of guy Diaper Dan loves.

Thats why I rail against him so much. He is not the coach to restore this team. He got the job simply because he was available and his personality is the opposite of Matt Patricia. He does not know how to coach. This website gave him a "C+" in coaching for the Green bay game. He does not know how to pick good assitanet coaches. He really needs to go before we waste 8 more years (4 years until we fire disaster Dan + 4 years for the new coach to get "his guys" and "his system" into place.

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