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The Lions gave Justin Tucker the chance to make history

It wasn’t just a miracle shot, it was the choices that led up to it.

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Detroit Lions Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

We’re talking a very different game if Baltimore Ravens kicker Justin Tucker doesn’t hit the shot of his life: a record 66 yards and clanked in off the crossbar. “It’s the sort of thing that only happens to the Lions,” you might say (I disagree but I know I fight that losing battle to the self-flagellators). However, to even get there it took quite the series of events.

Maybe the Lions needed to get a touchdown instead of running three times. Maybe the timeout didn’t need to happen on fourth down. Who knows? Butterfly effects, things of that nature.

We’ll break it down on the latest Pride Of Detroit PODcast, where we’re set to analyze this game and get testy with one another. We get heated and yell a lot, plus we’re also analyzing all the good that came from this game too; a moral victory isn’t being debated here, we just want to talk about how other units performed well and look ahead to Chicago too.

Plus, we’re talking again about another episode in the saga between Calvin Johnson and the Ford family over some missing dollars, a series of boos and some passive-aggression. All in all, it’s another beautiful day in Lions Land, where all things Detroit Lions happen. Let PODcast be your guide, and be sure to join the show when we’re live on Twitch.

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