Post game autopsy: Lion vs Ravens

The Lion are dead, long live the Lions. The Lions lost a heartbreaker but did they? Unless the improbable happens the game means nothing except that they are closer to the top pick so that's a good thing. What really means something is that they showed real progress. Sans their starting left tackle the offensive line is quite good, it is possibly the best it's been in decades. The GM and staff may be very good at their jobs. The picking of Sewell, the additions to the defense and some savy free agent pick-ups has produced a scrappy hard playing group. I really wanted a QB but Sewell I believe is the glue that holds it all together. Too often in the past the line was always the problem, not so now.

Dan Campbell reminds of of Parcells or even Cowher, old fashioned no nonsense guys who may not out X and O another coach, but they're never gonna let the other side out work him. He's scrappy, his teams are scrappy, there's gonna be personalities, characters but they know the have to work too. The Lion are far better than they should be and the day they put 2 halves together is going to blow some minds.

I say the Lions were stupid to fire Mayhew and Caldwell. They fired Mayhew not because he was bad but because new owners wanted to show that the were not SOL, They weren't, they were worse. Mayhew could evaluate talent and was strong in free agency, QUINN SUCKED AT BOTH. Quinn hired Patricia and you know the rest. CADWELL fooled people into thinking there was talent by making so many scrubs look good. Caldwell has been consistently underrated as a QB guru and a coach. It was no shock the team sucked post Caldwell to anyone objective about the talent.

I think the Llons finally have the right people in place to build real NFL team. Once you get past the NFL refs are freaking biased against the Lions and another apology from the NFL that means squat the Lions had a good day. I"m betting the Ravens Cereal wont taste as good knowing it took a record setting FG to beat the youngest team in the NFL playing a cast off QB to win.

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