Who are the Lions?

A lot has happened to our team in the 1st 3 weeks of the season.

Week 1 they were getting beat all over the place by the 49ers and mounted a come back that fell just short. Week 2 we come out firing in the first half only for Rodgers to completely destroy us in the second.

Then in week 3 we go toe to toe with the Ravens and do everything to secure the win only for a nfl record 66 yard fg to take it all away.

Now this has caused a lot of mixed reactions from fans. Some are starting the SOL talk. Alot of fans are understandably mad at the refs for the missed delay of game. And alot fans are criticizing Campbell for the late coaching decisions which I completely understand.

But I think everyone should be asking this one question. Who are the Lions? Are they a talent deficient team who are playing above their talent level? Or are they doomed to be the armpit of the league and Dan Campbell is the same as his predecessors.

While the answer is not quite clear yet, one thing is clear. The players are responding to the coaching staff, especially the younger ones and I think it may have to do with the level of transparency of the staff that I have not seen before. This staff has an instilled an attitude and I am begining to see rub off on players. Look at their reactions to the loss, I am seeing a hungry team.

As a rule of thumb I have always rooted for the lions coaches to do well because I want to see a coach finally break us out of this funk and take us to the top.

But I am rooting like hell for Dan Campbell because I get the sense he actually cares for this team and probably understands the pain of what it means to be a Detroit Lion the most. I mean he played here for 3 years and was here in 2008 and really comes off as genuine in his press conferences. Idk if Campbell will succeed but I really want him to, more than coaches of the past.

But at the end of the day he needs to start getting results and I will be watching the Chicago Game closely this week, because I think that will be the game that defines the Campbell Era.

No more SOL, no more terrible officiating calls, no more last second hail marys, no more Calvin Johnson rule, no more picking up the flag. Just bite off as.many Justin Fields kneecaps as you can.

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