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Detroit Lions fans, do whatever you want

A new mantra and perhaps a new song for Lions Fans.

What do these words or phrases have in common? Justin Tucker. Hail Mary. Picked up flag. Ten second runoff.

If you’re a Lions fan (I’d put the odds at 99 percent you are if you’re reading this) they all mean the same thing… pain. Sunday’s loss to the Baltimore Ravens was not new or unique, but it hurt all the same. Most painful things do. There was more shock associated with tearing my ACL the first time, but, trust me, tears two and three definitely had the same amount of pain associated with it.

We all typically hit up social media and all forms of contact with fellow fans to get their opinions before, during and after the game. The gamut of emotions and takes were understandably all over the place. Sides were formed.

Should you feel this way about the loss and the team as a whole or that way?

As someone who is starting to feel many—if not all—of those emotions at once, I’ve come to realize that not only is there no right or wrong, but as fans of the Lions we all have the duty to react however we choose at this point without judgement. In my latest video, we tackle that subject, and I also dedicate a song for all of us that will hopefully ring true from here on out. Perhaps it’s even the theme song for Detroit Lions fans.

What was your reaction after the game? Let’s hear the positives, negatives and how you immediately responded after the kick went in. Check out the video and enjoy!

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