Looks like Dandy Dan blew it again

The Ravens played the worst game I have ever seen them play as a franchise. They were obviously on a come down fron last weeks game. Lions players played hard. It was a perfect chance to get a W, and we aren't going to get many of those this year.

I am sure everyone is going to reply talking about "blown calls" and how the refs and the NFL "hate detroit" and all that. I saw the play, it was re played over and over on NFL network. It was a close call. hard to say. The bottom line is our coach should of had the game won already.

Yes sir, Disco dan and his cast of idiots blew the game for us. I am not surprised, he was noted for making many bad coaching decision when he led the Dolphins. I am not going to write it all, the article below sums it up nicely :

as this article says, at some point we have to start holding Campbell responsible for his coaching errors. we cannot spend an entire season making excuses and saying well, he is new....

I never would of hired him in the first place. He is just not a good coach. As I have said many times, having the personality that is the opposite of Matt Patricia does not mean your a good coach. It just means your the opposite of Matt Patricia.

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