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Wednesday open thread: Do you consider Sunday’s defeat to the Ravens a loss?

The Lions lost in fitting fashion for the Detroit Lions on Sunday, but moved a spot closer to the 1st overall pick in a lost season.

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Detroit Lions Detroit Free Press-USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Lions recorded a +1 in the loss column on Sunday in heartbreaking fashion. It took the longest field goal in NFL history for the Lions to find a new way to lose in such a way that only the Lions can.

Question of the day: Do you consider Sunday’s loss to the Ravens a loss?

My answer: It’s a win in my book!

The Lions put up another very entertaining performance and went wire to wire with one of the more proficient teams in the league in the Baltimore Ravens. And, I know I’ll get flak for this, but the Lions still managed to take a loss that counts towards draft position.

Some of y’all are still drinking enough Kool Aid to think the Lions can make something of this season, but that shipped has long sailed for myself and several others. If the Lions manage to make me think they’re better than I did last week and maintain their pursuit of the first overall draft pick, then it’s a win in my book as far as this season is concerned.

How are you feeling? Is a loss a loss in your book? Let’s hear it.

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