Roster Review - Detroit Vs Tampa Bay

I keep reading how our roster just doesn't stack up against the best in the NFL, or even the average in the league. Yet, man by man I think it's pretty comparable. Others say well it's maybe not the starters but the depth, but I still don't see the big difference.

I had to compare our roster to the Super Bowl Champions, now that we have 53-man rosters decided. It should help to show the differences or the lack thereof. I will try my best to be a non-fan and objective, but feel free to point out my fallacies.

QB Brady vs Goff - well it's hard to say we're equal, but it's also a 44 year-old versus a 26 or 27 year old. Plus Goff has taken a team to the Super Bowl. I hate to say give him a chance, but I think that's what we should do.

RB Jones and Fournette vs Swift and Williams - one pair is more proven, but ours' might have as much potential or more.

TE Gronkowski, Howard, and Brate vs Hockenson and Fells - I like our TE best but the depth definitely goes to TB.

WR Evans, Godwin, and Brown vs Williams, Raymond, and St. Brown - Ok, I concede this position group is definitely not our strength, yet I hope that it plays out better than we might otherwise expect.

OL TB as a group vs Detroit as a group - I'd say we are very, very comparable with not much, if any difference in depth.

LOLB Pierre-Paul and Tryon vs Okwara and Okwara - PP has proven it, Okwara is proving to be very good.

LDE Suh vs Brockers - It's pretty close in my opinion.

NT Vea vs McNeill - lets given McNeill a chance, reports are all really good.

RDE Gholston vs Williams - I have my fingers crossed and hope Williams has a great year, but Gholston seems like the more consistent and proven player.

ROLB Barrett vs Flowers - Flowers is supposed to be a key player. Barrett probably is the better of the two though.

CB Davis vs Oruwariye - I really don't think there is that much difference.

ILB White vs Anzalone - White seems the more qualified player, but I do like Barnes as our up and comer.

ILB David vs Collins - Again David is the top player, but Collins is supposed to be one of our key guys.

SS Winfield vs Harris - If Harris reaches his potential this may again be a draw.

FS Whitehead vs Walker - Draw again in my opinion, if the scheme improves and Walker reaches his potential.

Summary - the TB offense probably hinges on the difference at WR and depth of TE. The TB defense has far more proven experience, but Detroit has comparable quality at each position that could match them, if the scheme, coaching, and player potential is reached. Is TB more of a sure thing, yes, but Detroit may be the up and comer!

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