How would you do it?

The Lions have been a miserable excuse for an NFL franchise for most of my lifetime. I'm hoping that they are turning the corner and I've tried to show my support of the many aspects of why I feel hopeful. I thought I'd try to share some thoughts to help everyone drink the Kool Aid.

Would you want an owner that is:

* Involved in pushing for a bold spirited culture, or one that is harsh, severe and critical?

* That wants to be involved in decisions that the team makes to at least question why or why not things are done?

* That wants open discussion or that simply wants results and places the blame on who didn't achieve the goal?

Would you want a head coach that is:

* Open, forward, enthusiastic, and perhaps a little out there?

* Above it all, places himself far above his players?

* Has a great assistant group of coaches that challenge his thoughts or cow tows to them?

What kind of players would you want:

* Proven wily veterans that have done it time and time again in the past and can rely on their seasoned experience?

* Young, hungry, gritty players that have skills and traits to mold and reach the highest levels of potential?

* A blend of a few seasoned veterans that provide leadership, or all veterans pulling the same direction trying for one last gasp at glory?

What kind of team offense would you build:

* A pass first and last offense that spreads the field?

* A blended offense that keeps the defense guessing?

* A power offense that emphasizes the need to establish the run first to hold on to the ball?

What kind of team defense would you build:

* Back 4 or 5 focused to provide optimal coverage?

* Front 4 to provide a balanced sense of pressure on the offense?

* A power front 5 that manhandles the offensive line?

What kinds of trades would you make:

* Pick up more high-end first and second round draft picks whenever possible?

* Trade for young talent with low back of the draft picks?

* Trade all picks to pick up as many proven veterans as possible?

What kinds of free agents would you pursue:

* Very expensive for what they've done, but players known to your coaches?

* Moderately priced or even low cost players that want to prove themselves?

* Only undrafted, unsigned low cost players that can go to the practice squad and develop?

There are obvious differences between the Holmes-Campbell and Quinn-Patricia Regimes. I think these questions frame areas of ideological differences. In my opinion Holmes-Cambell with the help of Sheila Ford-Hemp are doing what I would like to see done.

It may take time, but really I think there is a very thin degree of difference betwen the talent in the NFL. The real difference is realizing the potential that players have and not. The difference might be brought out best by certain types of coaches and certain types of schemes. Maybe there is not a uniform one best way, but a matching that has to be made.

Drink the Kool Aid, hope that the Lions are doing things the right way - in my opinion, for a change.

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