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2021 NFL predictions: Who will win the NFC North?

Our picks for the Black and Blue Division.

Green Bay Packers v Detroit Lions Photo by Amy Lemus/NurPhoto via Getty Images

The NFC North has been a division mostly dominated by one team. In seven of the past 10 seasons, the Green Bay Packers have come away with the title. In fact, they’ve only finished last in the division once in all of the 2000s.

Will this year be more of the same? The Packers avoided disaster by finally giving in to Aaron Rodgers’ demands, but with a couple rookie quarterbacks in the division, and renewed hope across the midwest, will there be a new NFC North champ crowned this year?

Here are our picks for the 2021 NFC North winner.


Who will win the NFC North in 2021?

Kellie Rowe — Green Bay Packers

It’s the Green Bay Packers’ division to lose, now that Mr. Rodgers is officially dialed back in. The Lions obviously still have a ways to go and I’d be surprised if they didn’t finish last in the division again. And that’s okay!

Jerry Mallory — Packers

Stop me (oh oh oh) stop me… stop me if you think that you’ve heard this one before. The Detroit Lions won’t win the North. I have more breaking news… the Green Bay Packers will. “The Last Dance” for Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams in Green Bay looks to be a reality. Randall Cobb will prove to be a comforting security blanket for Rodgers and a helpful running mate for Adams. They also have one of the best corners in the game (Jaire Alexander) and some nice pass rushers. Then there’s Aaron Jones, and Matt Lafleur and AJ Dillon’s quads. Yep, they’re good and I hate it.

Hopefully this will be the last reign for the Pack in the foreseeable future. There’s no way they can have a Hall of Fame quarterback, boldly draft his replacement while he’s still there, and then that guy becomes a Hall of Fame guy. Right? RIGHT?!? That would be a Hail Mary attempt of fortunate circumstances. No team is that fortunate.

Hamza Baccouche — Packers

Green Bay, and the only chance otherwise is if Matt Nagy pulls his head out of his rear end and starts Justin Fields. The Bears defense looks to be in good shape, but I’m not going to bet against a combination of Aaron Rodgers and Matt LaFleur. The Vikings are somewhat of a hot mess right now, and Mike Zimmer hasn’t been afraid to admit it. Frankly, Kirk Cousins is the third-best quarterback in the division right now and unless Zimmer can breathe new life into his defense before Week 1, I don’t see Cousins taking the Vikings far this year.

The Lions are the Lions. The fact that the question has even been asked about whether this roster is more devoid of talent than the 2008 roster says it all. Next question.

Andrew Kato — Packers

I learned my lesson picking the Vikings two years in a row. Going with Green Bay to win it again this year.

Erik Schlitt — Packers

I hate it. But they’re going to make one last run at a championship before Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams break Packers fans’ hearts in 2022.

Ryan Mathews — Packers

I have too many free bets on Aaron Rodgers putting up numbers that would result in one of the best season’s from a quarterback to not pick the Packers as the winners of the NFC North. But beyond them being the odds on favorites to win the North, I don’t think there’s a team better equipped to take care of their division in a clean 6-0 sweep than the Packers. It feels like every other team in this division is clearly a tier—or two—below of the Pack.

Mike Payton — Packers

It’s really hard to bet against the Green Bay Packers. At one point in time, it looked like the team had hit an iceberg and was going to sink. But somehow Aaron Rodgers got the entire team on that door that Rose decided wasn’t big enough for Jack, and they’re more than likely on their way to another division title and a deep playoff run.

John Whiticar — Packers

If the Bears start Justin Fields and go on a roll, they could compete for this spot, but right now, it looks like Green Bay’s division to lose. With Aaron Rodgers’ future in Jeopardy, this is an all-in season for the Packers. Not only are they the best team in the division by a wide margin, but they are up there for best team in the league. Their offensive line is a weakness, but Rodgers can make some magic.

Chris Perfett — Packers

Nobody else is close. Lions fans should accept the L on this one—the national media isn’t “hyping up” the Packers or giving them too much love. It’s a solid team, and with the reigning MVP. This time around, the Packers are playing well and they’re going to be playing the part of the Patriots in yesteryear past—feasting on a terrible division and cruising into the playoffs. Come conference championship or the divisional round it may be a different story, but they’ll most likely get there. Yeah, they’re getting just the right amount of love. If you want to say anyone in the NFC North is garnering too much attention, it’s the Bears. The Packers are the strongest team in the North.

Kyle Yost — Packers

For the third year in a row, my pick stays the same. Aside from Kellie last year, no one else on staff took the Packers in either of the past two seasons, and it really does not make sense as to why. As long as Aaron Rodgers is there, the Packers will keep winning.

Jeremy Reisman — Packers

Sorry, going to make this a really boring article. The Packers easily have the best roster in the division, and they have a highly motivated (see: pissed) quarterback coming off an MVP season. Andy Dalton and an aging defense will sink the Bears. The Vikings will remain mediocre, and the Lions will slowly and quietly get a little better as the season goes on.


Who will win the NFC North in 2021?

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