Helping Goff's Bae Connect With The D and Michigan - Suggestions?

Not trying to be cute here but serious. I know she will find her own way and it will be different from the Staffords, who did and lived through so much with us in a decade that went by too fast, off the field at least. So what suggestions do you have to help a SoCal supermodel connect with our fan base?

I like that Christen Harper seems loyal to our new QB1, has moved with him to my home state of Michigan, and clearly is a football fan. But she's also FAMOUS in her own right and apparently has a quarter-million Instagram followers. So any public appearance by her is a Bigger Deal than just a Lions promotion. Or maybe it doesn't matter that much.

So, any ideas? Just jump in and work the food pantry, or Play 60 events, or maybe plant a big kiss on "Crackman" Crachiola the superfan? Rock out at an Eminem concert? For as the Lions rebuild gets rolling through its first full season, it would be heartening to see our First Couple of Football leading the way in community outreach and keeping things positive.

I'm not expert on football matters like the rest of you, so this is the only type of post I will do, and rarely so. Thanks for your input!

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