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Detroit Lions locker room celebration video: ‘That’s where champions are born and made’

Every Dan Campbell post-game speech is must-watch.

Green Bay Packers v Detroit Lions Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images

We may have only had three of them, but every Detroit Lions locker room celebration has been absolute gold this year. Head coach Dan Campbell is quite the motivator and he may even be a better public speaker. Plus, we’ve gotten to see an absolutely fired-up general manager Brad Holmes and a team that clearly loves to play for this staff.

After Sunday’s win against the Green Bay Packers, Campbell again took center stage, and delivered a rousing speech. Rather than litter it with my own commentary, here’s the speech in its entirety.

Gentleman, I’ll tell you what. You took the hard road one more time. You sure did. You guys earned that freakin’ win, man. You earned it. You went out there and made the plays you had to make, and we really complemented each other well. We really did. We really did, man, when we needed it. Golly, man, we tried the old trickery on the fake punt. We don’t get it. Defense, you come out and make a stand, and then we take it all the way down the field, offense. I mean, there were so many things that happened this game that were just—man, I’ll tell you what—they make you proud as a coach.

We put Jonah (Jackson) in at center. He played center! [Jackson does this boxing/dancing thing in the middle of the locker]. I respect the hell out of that. You guys that have stood in there and just banged away, man, I respect the hell out of that. I always will. I always will. There’s a place for you on this team, alright? There’s a place for you on this team. When you fucking produce and you lay it on the line—because that stuff, man, that’s better than gold, man. It’s better than gold. That’s where champions are born and made.

You guys made me proud. That... we are now springboarding. We are springboarding, and we have (been), by the way. We already started this about three or four weeks ago. We know what we’re capable of, and, man, when we hit the offseason running, we’re going, man, and we’re going places because we want to go places, and we know the formula. I’m proud of you guys.

Just reading the words can give you chills. Personally, that middle part is what gets me. Campbell uses the example of Jonah Jackson filling in at center to make a strong point. If your number is called and you’re ready, there’s a place for you on this team. Because once you get a roster filled with guys like that—from 1 to 53—that’s when the true success comes. That’s when this team starts playing in some meaningful Week 18 games. That’s where championships are born.

Then, to break things down, quarterback Jared Goff passed the buck to... potential free agent Tracy Walker. And like he did in front of the media this week, Walker talked as if he’s already decided to stay.

“Now, we’re going to continue to come back and we’re going to build, bro,” Walker said.

You get the feeling that if Walker does indeed decide to come back for 2022 and beyond, he’s got a big C on his jersey waiting for him.

Start your week off right and watch this video!

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