Draft Simulations

Draft Time! Ok, a little early, but it's time to get all the inside scoops about prospects, right? And, practice makes perfect when it comes to drafting just the right players at the right time - you really have to have some insight into what other teams are likely to do.

Draft Simulations are really pretty awesome. There are probably a lot of them I've never heard of but I thought I'd share two and provide a brief review of what I think are their best or worst features. is from pro football focus. They're great at providing some metrics on players and offer their evaluation of the top talent in the draft in addition to a pretty smooth and easy to use simulator. They have several slide bar controls before you even start to allow you to vary the scenario that you might experience as the draft day approaches and different teams jockey for position or make trades that shift your expectations. The system also suggests teams that are likely interested in making a trade, but also allows you to suggest your own trade partners. It might take a little time to familiarize yourself with all of their buttons - so take a good tour of the site to become aware of just how much it offers - it's alot!

In my opinion the system allows you a little too much leeway in making counter offers and getting too much in return. The number of trades also seems extreme to me, but maybe every pick is really in play in the NFL Draft.

The ratings of players combines both their system's ratings and the ranking according to how users are picking players. That is somewhat interesting and may even ultimately affect when different players are chosen on their system, if not also in real life. is another option to use. They provide not only the likely teams that are interested in a trade but specifics on deals being offered. They of course allow you to counter any offer, too.

It seems to me that this system yields a little more realistic outcome. Perhaps it's not as much fun for that reason, or conversely more satisfying if you achieve the result you hope for. doesn't yet offer a simulator but their rankings are interesting and they do post regular updates on mock drafts they hold and that they arrange to hold. The page referenced here is the trade value chart that I also think is valuable for knowing real values in any trade scenario you run on the other simulators. I doubt that any real NFL team would allow themselves to be totally fleeced in a deal, so the chart helps to reign in how you offer and structure deals you may want to make.

What other simulators do you use? ESPN and CBS Sports I think have sims at some point in the process. There may be many others too. I recall one site that allowed me to adjust the needs of each team based on how I viewed them, but again that can skew results in your favor perhaps unrealistically if you want.

Hope you enjoy practicing the draft. The outcomes rarely are the same. There are subtle changes in a draft that are run each and every time you run the simulators.

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