deep thoughts on the Lions...

Quinn was a useless GM but he believed in building the trenches, most of the offensive line was built by him and it could be the foundation of a good Lions team. Any team that aspires to post season success needs a solid to great line.

I'm guessing Alim McNeill to be the next breakout from last years draft. He's a strong man who will make splash plays on the inside.

Dan Campbell should not call plays, hire a real offensive coordinator and let him do his job.

I still believe that the Lions should've tanked the last game. In theory they've lost nothing because they desperately need pass rush, I just don't like taking chances losing out because we dropped back a spot needlessly.

Pure spec, if Tua of Miami becomes available if we could snag him with say a 3rd round pick why not. He could compete with Goff for the QB job and hopefully flourish behind a far better line than Miami's.

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