Mr. Holmes it has come to my attention that an offensive lineman is worthy of being our top pick

Evan Neal is about 6-9 and 350 lbs. I've read reports that he moves quick and strong as a premier OT. Although we recently drafted an offensive tackle, matter of fact in just last year's draft, perhaps selecting Neal isn't a bad decision in terms of drafting to assure quality additions are made that may be true difference makers.

Here are some reasons to consider the selection:

1. He is a unique talent gifted with huge size and strength. Will he be the least risky of any pick we can make?

2. The OL is our core strength as long as no one gets injured, but if they do having Neal may make a huge difference.

3. Hal Vaitai was injured in 2020 and although he regained his form in 2021, he is entering age 29, and has a very expensive contract.

4. Taylor Decker has been injured twice during his career for sustained periods of time. He too is entering his age 29 season so his future might be dimming.

5. Do we have depth that really assures a premier OL? Evan Brown played extremely well to fill in for Frank Ragnow, so we learned a valuable lesson about being prepared to fill in with a capable back-up.

6. We played with 6 offensive linemen in long stretches to improve our running game. What if all six were superior talents?

7. Barring injury, what about re-signing Decker in the next two years? Will he be reasonable or pose a salary cap issue?

8. If we regain Romeo Okwara, project that his brother, Julian, as well as Charles Harris, both progress in 2022, do we really need another edge more than a great OT?

9. If we were to elect to cut Trey Flowers we may need another edge, but couldn't we add a quality edge with our second first round pick or even our second round pick?

10. Giving Goff more time to pass probably improves the passing game almost as much, or perhaps more than drafting a new receiver. St Brown, Reynolds, Cephus, and Raymond give us a competent receiving corp already! Ideally we could make another great mid-round pick, say in the 3rd round, for another receiver.

11. Getting the best offensive tackles in back-to-back drafts is unprecedented! That definitely is something to brag about.

Well Mr. Holmes I think this is something serious to think about. Don't you?

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