What might the draft look like if WR and CB are the prime objectives

I'm still wrestling with the idea that the Lions' are keying on drafting wide receiver and corner back as their priorities. Perhaps I have even tended to start to obsess on it even. Yet, having done so I have come up with the idea that the idea might be really good, and so I wanted to see how the draft might play out on a simulation board - to see how players might be available to follow this strategy. I even wondered if double dipping on the positions might make sense like Holmes did to upgrade the defensive line last year with Onzurike and McNeill.

Here's one scenario that came together as I made the picks on PFN simulation board:

Garrett Wilson is rated the #1 wide receiver in the draft, but he's only rated the 10th best overall player. Still if you take Brad Holmes at his word, getting the best WR is the goal and hopefully proves to be a big win.

When I reached the 27th pick I couldn't resist taking Treylon Burks who is considered a super freak athlete and very similar in style to Dembo Samuels. So I went with a second WR pick in the first round.

With Wilson, Burks, and St Brown the need to re-sign Raymond and, or Reynolds is lessened, and I think regardless with what happens with these free agents we have built a pretty good young unit. Don't forget we also still have Cephus. It seems pretty easy to envision that all of a sudden we have a transformed receiver corp that might draw at least a little envy from others around the league.

Trent McDuffie is rated one of the top 4 corners in the draft and looks like a potential first year starter. Kyler Gordon is considered another super athlete that made it hard for me to resist again doing a back-to-back pick for players at the same position.This would seem to really re-stock our corner back position. With Oruwariye, Okudah, Parker, Jacobs, and perhaps Price we would have as many as 7 young hungry players in this group.

In this scenario I'm hoping, or counting on Holmes to resign Tracy Walker and anticipate that Will Harris will return to strong safety. Yet, I couldn't resist drafting an intriguing name on the draft board to help out. Troy Polo-Mao's nephew showed up just as I was looking to make the Lions' pick and it seemed like an obvious choice. He's the opposite in terms of stature from his uncle. Isaiah Polo-Mao is 6-4 and is a big, fast, and powerful strong safety. I anticipate that CJ Moore, Brady Breeze, and perhaps Devonte Beckett might round out this 6 man unit.

In my opinion, the two areas mentioned by Holmes would be a lot stronger with these new additions. By concentrating the draft so much on just two roles there is bound to be some complaining. Skipping Aidan Hutchinson might make the decision pretty unpopular too. You'd have to have some faith that what Holmes said in the meeting holds water.

Looking at the edge position, you've got to hope that the Okwara Brothers, Charles Harris, and maybe even Trey Flowers returns to be an improving and solid group. Maybe Nick Williams also returns for another year to help solidify the interior line until Onwuzurike emerges as a star. Lastly, the linebacker crew has to count on its already young group of players along with the return of Anzalone and Reeves-Maybin to develop into a better unit.

I had to grab another running back you'll see. Tyler Allgeier is the type of big power back I think we are still lacking, so I couldn't resist picking him up. Adding some thunder to our two or three lightning bolts seemed like a good idea.

What do you think? Ready for a Big 3 Receiver Corp? How does having a big crew of studs competing at the corner back position sound - a little bit of a change eh?

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