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Monday open thread: Are you cheering for or against the Rams?

Are you rooting for draft position or Stafford achieving playoff success?

Detroit Lions v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images

The Detroit Lions are locked in at second overall in the upcoming 2022 NFL Draft, but they still have another pick up in the air.

The Los Angeles Rams play on Monday against the Arizona Cardinals in a must-watch game for Lions fans. The Lions own the Rams’ first round selection in the draft, acquired as part of the Matthew Stafford deal last offseason. Following Sunday’s slate of Wild Card games, the Rams pick will be anywhere from 23rd to 32nd overall.

In the interest of the Lions’ rebuild, having the lowest possible pick would be ideal. This would mean a swift playoff departure at the hands of the Cardinals. Coupled with the second pick in the draft and an early pick in the second round, the Lions are primed to draft a few quality starters. The Lions could still make due with the last selection in the first round, but earlier is always better, especially if a draft day trade arises.

However, rooting against the Rams also means rooting against a key figure in Detroit Lions history. Matthew Stafford was the quarterback in Detroit for over a decade, and it sadly never amounted to much despite the statistical success he achieved. Whether impacted by a coaching carousel, an offensive scheme that never truly catered to his strengths, or a run game that failed to be even average, the Lions failed to win a single playoff game.

If you are a Lions fan still holding on to your affection for Matthew Stafford, this could be a difficult game to root for. Do you cheer for draft position, or do you cheer a former icon of their franchise?

Today’s Question of the Day is:

Are you cheering for or against the Rams?

My answer: I’m cheering for the Rams.

Some fans may dismiss Stafford as just another player now, as trades are just the nature of the NFL. That’s a justifiable take to have. After all, it is in the best interest of Detroit for Los Angeles to lose, Stafford be damned.

Nevertheless, I like Stafford far too much to actively root against him. I would like to see him finally achieve the postseason success he has missed his entire career. Stafford poured his heart into the Lions during his time with them. With a rebuild incoming, it made sense for both franchise and player to part ways. The Lions received numerous valuable draft picks and Jared Goff. The Rams received a quarterback they believed could put them into Super Bowl contention.

If winning or losing was the difference between fifth overall and 10th overall, I might be more inclined to root against the Rams. However, late first round picks have similar values. The Jimmy Johnson draft value chart values the 32nd selection at 590, but, for example, the 26th selection is 700. In contrast, the second overall pick is valued at 2600. Teams will often value the top prospects similarly, but once you move beyond pick 15 or so, the draft becomes quite unpredictable. The Lions can still get “their guy” regardless of when the Rams pick is.

Finally, does me cheering for or against a team actually affect the outcome of the game? You should cheer for what makes you happy. Right now, the idea of Stafford progressing in the playoffs makes me happier than a slightly earlier draft pick. It is a win-win. If the Rams win, I get to see one of my favorite players move on. If the Rams lose, the Lions get better draft position.

Do you value draft position above all else, do you still have a lingering commitment to Matthew Stafford, or are you feeling indifferent?

Your turn.


Are you cheering for or against the Rams?

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