A Lions Draft Day Trade That Shakes Up The Draft! Target Baltimore Ravens

The Lion's have spent a ton of draft capital on their offensive line and this is a strength of the team. However, Taylor Decker is 28 and has had trouble staying healthy the last few years. There are a few teams that focus heavily on the run that have a need at LT/RT. The Baltimore Ravens will be getting their top RB back JK Robbins in 2022 and their LT is going to be 34 in 2022. They are picking 14 in the first round and have multiple 3rd round and 4th round picks. The Lions should target the Baltimore Ravens 1st round pick at 14. I am not sure the Ravens will part with their only 1st round pick straight up for Decker but let's say the Lions traded the LAR late 1st round pick coming in around 26-32 for the Ravens 1st round pick at 14, and two 3rd round picks? Ravens would still have a 1st round pick, 2nd round pick and three 4th round picks. Ravens are in win now mode and upgrading their LT by 6 years in age and in quality, is paramount for their type of offense. The Lions need more picks this year to really make a move to get anywhere near 7 wins next year and trading Decker allows them to get more picks. I have a hard time digesting Sewell being a RT when he was drafted to be the eventual LT and you don't let Decker deteriorate, get older and not receive any compensation for him.

Moving Sewell to LT means a hole at RT

The Lions may have a young RT on their roster now, they can sign a FA, or draft a T with one their 3rd round picks. The Lions simply can't have 3 1st round picks on the OL when they have so many other holes to fill and a solid RT can be found.

If the Lions make this trade and standstill at 2, what does their targets look like with having upgraded to number 14 and now having two more 3rd round picks to add to their other two 3rd round picks? The Lions will more than likely take the best DE available unless they fall in love with Pittsburgh QB Kenny Pickett. He is starting to get that "Joe Burrow" hype and if he has a great combine, he could be this years Trey Lance but with more experience at the position. I don't think Pickett makes to 14 (assumes Lions make the trade with the Ravens). Look at the teams that need a QB behind the Lions at 2 but ahead of them at 14: Houston, Giants, Panthers, Falcons, Broncos, Washington, Minnesota and possibly even Cleveland.

The Lions are boxed in IF IF IF they really want Pickett. They can't even trade back if they think Houston or the Giants want him. Taking Pickett screams overdraft at 2 for sure but unless they 100% that their other choices at QB will make to 14 to top of the 2nd round, they might take him at 2. If you are going to overdraft, it will usually be at the QB position. If the Lions go with Goff one more year and are willing to wait to 2023 to draft a QB, then they are more than likely taking the DE or trying to trade back for someone who is in love with Pickett. The Steelers would love to trade up from 20 to get him but it would cost them multiple 1st round picks, 2nd round pick and a 3rd round pick to pry the Lions out of 2.

The Lions best case scenario is for a few QB's to make that huge leap up like last year. Zack Wilson, Trey Lance, Mac Jones were 2nd to 4th round grades and jumped all the way in the high first round. 5 QB's were taken in the first round and when teams fall in love with a QB, this is what happens. If the Lions love Pickett, they might be forced to take him at 2 and that's why they really need to trade Decker so they can move up in the 1st round and get extra 3rd round picks. It will allow them to take a swing at a QB and still have a ton of ammunition to get other players and fill positions. They can grab a WR at 14, a LB/CB/WR in the 2nd round. Armed with 4 third round picks, they can get a combination of DE/LB/CB/WR/RT then they still have a 5th rounder, two 6th rounders and two 7th rounders.

The early projections are that they take a DE at 2 and let the draft fall to them. However, if they trade Decker, it will allow Holmes to move up for a player or two he covets. It really comes down to the combine and if a few QB's shine, it will either force the Lions to take one or allow them to trade down because some other team loves one or two. Last year's draft was very good for Holmes and he allowed it to playout. This year, he will need to evaluate the QB's and either decide to take one or hope that others want one. Too much time to speculate but the Senior Bowl and the Combine will make things either crystal clear or cause a huge cloud of confusion. Trading Decker to the Ravens seems to be the best options to get things set up for Holmes. The Ravens need an upgrade at LT and the Lions need more picks. The Ravens are loaded with picks!

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