Mock Draft 2022 GM Vacancy

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I am the server host for a 32 team live 7 round mock draft. I am in search of a Detroit Lions GM. This process has been running on SB Nation for 10+ years, yet has switched to a private disclosed & separate site. We have writers & NFL fans from almost all of the 32 teams. Yet are in need of a Lions GM to fulfill this vacant position.

As the Lions GM, you will be able to make to draft picks & trades.

FYI: There is no $ to be made or required here. Free to join, free to exit, free to win. The reward is representing your franchise


1) You must be 18 years old

2) You must be free the entirety of the weekend of April 8th - 10th, 8pm EST. The schedule does not adjust for you. You adjust to the schedule

3) You must be be an original 100% Lions fan true & true

4) You must have some type of NCAA draft knowledge or intellect. As there are a ton of prospects to draft each class. If you only know a dozen names, maybe this job is not for you

5) You are a mature person. You accept this is a football-only oriented environment

If interested please send an email to:

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