Idk if the lions need to get a receiver in the draft.

I think most lions fans want Detroit to target a receiver this year. I am not sure if that is necessary. One thing I am assuming is the Lions will resign Josh Reynolds just because of how well he played for us down the stretch. If they do that our top 3 wideouts are Reynolds, St.Brown, and Cephus. While these 3 by themselves won't blow anyone out of the water, I do think they can serve as serviceable weapons for Goff. Plus if you add Hock and Swift as pass catchers, this offense could look very scary. I think what we need most is an offensive coordinator who can make these pieces flourish and I think that guy is Ben Johnson. Just seeing the Lions offense down the stretch has convinced me that he can be the OC.

I think Lions are better off shoring up the defense and trying to give Aaron Glenn as much talent as possible to work with. My top 3 needs rn are Edge rusher, weak side linebacker, and free safety.

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